I am a powerful creator who finds meaning in life through connections with others. I am able to enjoy communicating with people from varying backgrounds and cultures. I find love everywhere. I have always had so much more than I need. I am always able to be overly generous with others.

My career is both meaningful and effortless. I will continue my life’s work happily. I travel the world with my friends and family. I continue to write and to educate myself. I have had many soulmates and am still spending much of my life with my true love. I have forever maintained my youth and vibrance.

I meditate frequently and make the most of my inner peace. I tested my limits, but maintained my safety and happiness. I am able to find beauty and wonder in any situation. I have created castles, books, art, gifts, wealth, unforgettable moments, indescribable joy, and unconditional love, but my relationships are my most prized creations.

I am never scared and I am always confident that I have everything I’ll ever need or want inside myself. Somehow, each day is even better than the one before it. I still have the power to transform myself and my reality in an instant. All I have to do is decide – and maybe, write it down.

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