A Creative Life

First and foremost, I want to create a life that is both solid and joyful for my son. I want my son to know where his next meal will come from; he can play the sports he wants to without worrying I can afford it; I want him to feel like he can always return home to gather his wits and carry on. This is my number one priority and all decisions will stem from this truth.

I want my son to feel safe, joyful, and belonged. That being said, I want to be an essayist and photographer of life. I want to write about things that interest me and bring them to life for others to think about. Whether it be about food, exercise, a quote I read, late-night epiphanies, or lifestyle change. I want to share these with people.

I also want to travel and see other cultures and share them through photos and words. I want to be prolific like many female writers in the past have been; I want to bring a new perspective to issues and cookie cutter beliefs.

I also want to own a chain of specialty gourmet stores that offer local and national artisanal products like boutique wines, cheeses, salamis and other charcuteries, a solid selection of locally grown produce and eggs, and unique kitschy items that are fun for the house and as gifts (maybe extend that to interior/furniture items).

I think it would be grand if I could connect the two passions and bring the stories of my products to life by exploring these products histories and culture. I also would like to develop a program that teaches children how to cook and get excited about food. Hopefully, this will spread the joy that I feel when I cook. Because it’s the number one way, for me, to combat loneliness.

Finally, I want to be able to give my parents new experiences and adventures through this creative life. I owe a lot to them, I’ve rebuilt myself with their help and support. And I would like to pay them back with my success.

A range of other wants!

I want to retire in Colorado. I want to be able to go to Europe on a whim. I want to get married. I want my son to have a sibling, I want to live minimally chic, I want a fruit/veggie garden, I want chickens, I want to learn how to make cheese and hard meats, I want to learn how to butcher, I want to distill whiskey and gin, I want a kitchen that supports all these passions, and I want a house that allows for dinner/patio parties.

I want a group of friends that are close, supportive, honest, are family/community oriented, and successful in their endeavors. I want to be able to be there for them anytime I can for those who are too far away.

Mostly, I want to live well-crafted, creative, solid life that brings the people I love the most together so that we can all enjoy our time here on this earth.

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