A Pretty Great Life

The first half of my life was good. I had a happy childhood, got married, had wonderful children and learned all kinds of things about myself.

But, the second half of my life was absolutely amazing.

It was filled with joy, happiness and success. I discovered my twin flame. Even though we were both initially married to other people, we sorted out those relationships without hurting anyone and came together.

We loved passionately and happily for many, many years. We had many adventures including a trip to Scotland. We laughed and talked and challenged each other every single day.

I created a prosperous career as a motivational speaker and best selling author. I got paid to speak to people and to write books. I inspired many people and helped them to reach their full potential. I finally began working as a life coach and continued as a yoga teacher.

I had more than enough money to pay all of my bills, to give back to the community and to still live very comfortably. I had enough to take trips and to buy experiences.

I was incredibly happy.

I continued to learn and grow throughout the rest of my life. I worked hard and loved with my whole heart.

I wrote poetry, novels and self help books which were popular and helped lots of people. I was able to take care of my family and friends and share my success with them all.

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