Coming Home to Herself

She spent the first half of her life being everything everyone else wanted her to be. Pleasing others. Doing what was expected. Doing what everyone else does. Being who everyone else wanted her to be. She was a good girl who did all the right things. And then she woke up.

She looked around her and realized that she didn’t love everything and everyone she had surrounded herself with. She didn’t love the life that she had created. And it took her a little while to realize how unconscious she had been. It took her a little while to actually accept what her soul already knew—and had been trying to tell her for a while.

But once she finally helped her head to accept what her heart and soul already knew, then she wasted no more time. She started by stepping into the plant-based life that she wanted to live. She let go of the excuses and committed to honoring not only the lives of the animals that she loved and respected, but also honoring her own body and spirit. She let go of all the things that no longer served her body and that lowered her vibration. She also committed to her spiritual practice.

She embraced the daily practice of meditation and enjoyed getting out into nature for a daily spiritual walk that filled her spirit and grounded her soul. Self-care became her number one priority and she no longer put everyone else’s care ahead of her own.

The second half of her life was also when she found her home in her career. In words, she lost herself. Lost herself in her own writing, and in editing the words of those who mindfully wanted to create a more conscious world. Whenever she had a free moment, she used it to connect with others using the power and magic of words. And she also got brave enough to let go of a life-long love that was no longer nourishing her.

She believed in big love and knew that the second half of her life spent with only herself as her big love would be a more loving and courageous act than staying with someone who did not truly see her, let alone cherish her the way she deserved to be cherished.

She was so proud of herself for taking that biggest of all steps. For knowing that she would no longer be modeling what marriage should not be. And it was reward enough for stepping into her bravery and saving her Self.

But the Universe had bigger plans for her, and once she was courageous enough to let go of a good man, the Universe brought her home to the one who was waiting for only her. That was the only way she could describe him—home.

His face, his eyes, his name…it all brought her home and when the Universe brought him to her, she suddenly knew why she had felt empty all this time. Her world had gone from black and white to technicolor and there was no denying that they belonged together.

She was always there for her children, and in the second half of her life, her measurement for her own choices became whether or not she would want her children to settle for this, or whether she wanted to model that for her children. And if it wasn’t good enough for her children, then she immediately knew that she deserved more, too.

Her children struggled to understand their mother, who seemed so different from other mothers as they were growing up. But when they saw her stepping into who she really was, slowly but surely, they saw her come to life and become the force of nature she had always been on the inside. It was hard for them as she made the changes to their world, but when they saw her thrive in the life she had re-designed for herself, they knew they had all come home.

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