I am 100 years old

It’s 19th February. It’s my birthday and I’ve just turned a 100 years old. I look back proudly at my achievements. The love I surrounded myself with. The happiness that overflowed from my heart, each day.

I am blessed to have my children, my beautiful & healthy twin daughters who have had in their way have also blessed our family with grandchildren. Those piercing green-blue eyes that transcend from me & my husband’s genes. That ginger blonde hair, that is so dominant down the family line.

I am blessed to still be living in my home, the one I call my shrine. With my husband, my eternal soul-mate and loving lifelong partner. Through thick and thin, we have shared endless moments of happiness, support, and love. The secret to our marriage is laughter. As obstacles come our way, my partner was already there to share the load, he’d calm me down and manage to put a smile on my face, ready to defeat the obstacle.

I look back proudly, at my health, I have maintained a healthy lifestyle with ease and always managed get enough exercise to keep us both healthy and strong. Even at the age of 100, I still meditate every day, and I practice yoga. I just love that feeling of my body stretching to new lengths.

Work is another achievement, I have built a legacy that will last years to come, thanks to my illumination back the day I turned 40. I have moved away from my family business and set up my own empire. Money is not a problem. It has never been, and we are very blessed not to need anything.

Once a year, we go on a month-long cruise, in Asia. We visit my favorite ports and savor the delicious cuisine of every port: dim sum, gyoza, noodle soup.

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