I’m currently a Student at the University of Colorado Boulder and my dream is to make progress in any field to create a better and more sustainable future. Over the past few years what this looks like to me has changed regularly. But, I recently found a new vision that excites me.

The world of materials is a field that has much room for improvement from plastics to insulation. With Cannabis becoming legal in more and more states I see a great opportunity for the United States to be a leader in sustainable materials.

My dream is to create a business that handles the growth, production, and manufacturing of all sorts of hemp products. This is not a new idea but I would like to perfect it.

I am an Environmental Design major and a business minor and I think that with the right design of a facility that can be easily and cheaply expanded, or changed, it could change the way we look at materials.

Out of one facility – plastics, clothing, paper, building material, insulation, medicine, drinks, and more could be produced at a low price and could be easily expanded as the process is perfected with the right expertise.

This could cause a revolution in how we get our everyday items and build our structures. These products are being researched and with the right people on board dedicated to the vision of changing how we produce materials.

I believe this could have a major impact on the world.

Imagine clean, renewable, inexpensive, and biodegradable materials easily accessible to the world. And, the best part is that once you have perfected this manufacturing facility with vertical hemp farms you can take the design and recreate it anywhere it is legal.

This idea has been talked about by people for a while but I feel that now it is possibly to implement with recent research in hemp products and indoor vertical farming.

I imagine the facility to be very high tech with very low, to no upkeep, eventually to the point where once planted it could possibly produce the products automatically and consistently.

This is my current dream for my career. I want to make an impact that is very far reaching It wouldn’t be exciting to me if it wasn’t far reaching.

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