It’s My Life 7:35pm 2/1/18

My dream is, living in a nice connected, safe town with family and friends around me. I want to have been in the defence force doing a job that I loved and enjoyed. I want a husband who loves and cares for me no matter what, and that I will be able to trust and depend on him and he can have that with me as well. I want beautiful bubbly kids who know what they want in life and get it. I want pets that I love and love me. A husky would be a dream to me. I want to have had a job that I love and worked hard for and that did good to people. I want to be able to help people in any way I can. I want to have traveled the world and helped those that are Les fortunate than I am. I want to be deeply in love with my husband and kids and them with me with a beautiful home friends and family by my side. tbc… ❤

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