My Life Well Lived. Love, Create, Serve.

At 25, I found myself holding a pounding desire in my heart to be of service to the world. Maybe it was just me compensating for the lack of intrinsic value that we as humans find as we reflect on the meaning of being alive.


But, I’m convinced that compassion and dedication to my fellow human beings, without sacrificing my own agency to do and create freely, was the key to my happy life. And it has been a very happy life.

Music had always been a door to my inner child, that place of wonder and creation inside us all, and served me well in my life. I performed for audiences all over the world, starting small in college playing small venues in Boston, and after college in Colorado.

Things began picking up in 2018 as people began noticing that I came from a place of authenticity and unbridled passion. A following of like-minded individuals began to form and grew by orders of magnitude as time went on.

I would go on to play a part in revolutionizing the way that people interacted with music and art so that artists ended up well-paid individuals for their service to the ongoing history and freedom of society.

I moved to LA Fall of that year and lived there for a few years, falling in love with wonderful friends and lovers, all of whom taught me deeper ways to know and love myself.

I was fortunate enough to travel a lot to perform on tour for music and motivational speeches around the world, allowing me to stay in touch with many international friends as well.

I saw the world!

The quality of my connection with others is, looking back, the greatest factor in what I would call “my life well lived.”

Never for a minute did I settle for a life not within my control – I created art of many kinds from my heart, and with all of my heart.

It was exactly this unwillingness to stray from my beliefs that drew supporters and like-minded collaborators to me. Because of the depth and value of this work, I never worried about money.

It came to me when I needed it, and in such abundance that I was able to give much of it away in the form of supporting and creating charities, companies and movements related to the wellness of the Earth and its inhabitants.

It was always easy to give, to love, and to create, because I always held in my heart a trust in the way that the universe unfolds when I give, love, and create.

After falling in love with many wonderful people and exploring sexually, spiritually, and mentally, I was relatively old when I found the partner who I spent the rest of my life with. We supported each other in being free agents and crafters of our personal dreams, and effortlessly pushed each other to be better people.

Through love, I’m still to this day reminded that I am but a drop from the ocean of creation, swimming in the pool of consciousness. Everything that I create is not my own, but rather the universe expressing itself in pure bliss. From this place of pure bliss, I love, I create, and I serve.

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