Open My Heart, Let the Fear Dissipate

Up until 2018, I had lived a life full of suffering and lack. I decided it was time to live for myself, thus simultaneously for others. I first started by healing myself spiritually, physically, and emotionally by learning Reiki, Yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and creating new beliefs and habits that were focused on self-love rather than self-hate. By example, I taught this to my two sons, Aiden and Luca, as well.

As a result of learning and practicing these new life habits, I found myself loving life and always wanting to be busy doing something. I had so much energy all the time. And always had an optimistic view on future endeavors.

At age 29, I began going to school online to become a social entrepreneur. After four years, I was able to help others who were suffering by creating my own social enterprise. I was fortunate to have plenty of money for living, investing, and recreation for our family. I had plenty of time to build wonderful, strong relationships with my husband and sons.

My husband and I made time for many fun days outside playing, gardening, and relaxing. We were living in the ecovillage of our dreams along a beautiful river! It was completely self-sustainable and I was able to create and maintain a food forest for the community and harvest the rainwater. Some of our family and friends had come to live there as well as new friends we met along our journey. We planted 500 acres of hemp and our ecovillage community harvested the seed for food and biofuel and processed the hull to make hempcrete.

My husband, David, was able to create his own social enterprise involving building furniture while helping to clean our oceans. Our social enterprises allowed us to travel to many countries and connect with many other organizations that help others in need.

My heart was overjoyed when I was able to provide access to clean and safe water, solar cookers, and pay for school tuition, uniforms and supplies for a village in Cameroon.

I have always loved the arts and I can find beauty in everything and everyone. With this capability I let my creativity overflow. I began with music and dance. Then photography and acting. I had so much fun acting in plays and meeting so many new wonderful positive people.

I played the handpan, piano, guitar, bongo hand drum, and violin. I would perform as a street artist, giving the gift of music and living in the moment. When I had mastered level II Reiki healing, I would also heal others.

My life reflected that of a life filled with love and light. My days of depression, anxiety, and self-hate were a distant memory, like that of a past life. I was able to shine and my joy brought joy to others effortlessly.

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