She Lived for Every Day

She lived a full life. Full of adventure, learning, growing and giving back to make this world better. She was a great mom, who raised happy adults. She was a good wife and partner with a marriage that lasted over 60 years.

Her passion was people and travel. She traveled all over the world meeting people and learning about other cultures – integrating the best part of other cultures into her non-profit, Live Large. Her non-profit, focused on bringing large issues to the forefront for resolution, mitigation and solutions.

The non-profit’s approach was based on three key pillars referred to as the CUB approach: Collaboration, Understanding and Barrier-breaking. Through her non-profit, she has helped countless individuals and impacted who communities to drive toward a better tomorrow.

Her gift was positive perspective. She could bring perspective to any situation, but her kind of view typically consisted of truth served with a side of rainbow. Coming from humble beginnings and being the first person in her family to graduate college, she credited the hard times and perseverance as the keys to her success.

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