Skidding into my grave……

Broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” What an adventure it has been!!!

I am now 100 and look back over my many years on this earth. I have had a blessed life especially the past 40+ years. By the time I was 50 I had been married several times and had four beautiful kids. Those kids started to have children and I was blessed with beautiful grandkids.

However, true love, a soul mate, had eluded me until my late fifties when I met my husband. The same year I met him I had an also come out of a three-year cancer journey which almost took my life several times. When we met I was the happiest I’d ever been. Full of the joy to be alive and finally I could give a crap less what people thought of me.

My husband began to call me the Joy Sparker, a name that I used for my book. Shortly after we met my husband inspired me to start a company working with oncologists to help their cancer patients. The Whole Health Coalition rolled out across the country and a short time after launching the company I was given an opportunity to sell the company and do what really touched my heart and lite me up.

At the age of 60 we, my husband and I, opened up a unique spa/clinics to work with not just cancer patients but anyone who wanted to stay healthy and avoid getting cancer or any other disease. My daughters came to work for us and became partners and today, both of my daughters, my son Chris and several of my grandkids run not one but five spas/clinics across the country.

We offer hot yoga, trauma yoga, massages that include Thai massage, nutrition advice and we have a kitchen in each location to help people learn to make healthy meals. We also offer counseling, meditation practices, and infrared saunas. To this day we are one of the top wellness centers in the country.

One of our main focuses is around finding your joy and laughing as much as possible. I also wrote and published my book, The Joy Sparker and toured the country speaking about the book with my husband. He had already written a book that had become quite popular.

We have a beautiful family who is very close. To this day we go on at least two family vacations a year with the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids and have been all over the world. We have beautiful friends and travel frequently with them as well.

We have regular family gatherings at either our home in Colorado or our home in California. Everyone loves the beach and our swimming pools. We also all try to gather once a year at our Villa in Tuscany.

Truly one of my biggest blessings has been my husband of 42 years and my kids/grandkids and great grandkids. It is true, you can find your soul mate at any age and I found my husband when I was 58. He immediately loved and accepted my children and grandkids and I accepted his kids, parents, brothers, nieces, nephews, and cousins. It was wonderful to have a new family late in life since I had lost my three siblings and both parents.

My husband and I are so much like and he has taken such good care of me since day one. We are best friends plus workout and travel buddies. He even does hot yoga with me a practice I have been doing for close to 50 years, five to six days a week. Our travel adventures have taken us all over the world and we have so many gorgeous memories. Our life has been and is truly blessed and full of joy.

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