The Abundance Canvas

She had a painful teenage experience. Her emotions were deep and often accompanied by sorrow. She was an empath so the pain she witnessed and felt in other sentient beings, and her confusion of the world and consciousness with which she found herself a part of was heart-breaking, it had her feeling excruciating sadness and loneliness and torment.

What could she do, how could she change this?

How could being stop feeling and experiencing such physical and emotional abuse from others and pain? It was unbearable. But as she explored consciousness itself, and her abilities and sensitivities, and began using this to increase her vibration, her surroundings changed, the people she attracted changed, her thoughts and perceptions changed.

She saw beauty, in herself and those around her, her world. She saw hope. She chose to see awakening. She chose to try to connect in various ways with the higher aspect of all of those beings around her and consciousness itself. She tapped into the potential and spiritual potential that we each hold.

She surrounded herself with and attracted those who were doing the same; awakening to their higher self while on Earth. She began imprinting her soul intentions on her reality. She chose to create a canvas for her heart desires, to see material possessions as different forms of energy; to even embrace.

She chose abundance for her soul. She created a beautiful home that delighted all her senses, natural nourishing, tranquil, spacious and beautiful. She created a car she loved to drive, eco and stylish and beautiful to drive. She held space for a loving, nourishing family, and her family held loving nourishing space for her.

She felt deeply loved and nourished. She danced with the most incredible soulful people. Oh how she danced! She enjoyed truly enriching friendships and connections. She could be herself, make mistakes, learn, grow, and allow for others the same. She had heart connections, and oh how she danced and laughed!

She glowed with health and high vitality. Every cell in her body was nourished. She ate an enriching light and bright plant food diet. She thrived. Oh how she loved and thrived.

She created an online business with amazing mentorship, bringing enriching things to others, life enriching and soul and body connecting information and eco products. She created value for others, life and soul connection, and in return was given joy, connection, and also monetary energy, 6 figures, then the next year 7, this was her abundance intention, and she embraced it.

Abundance flowed.

She felt free and inspired. Her sharing brought joy to others. She helped others to see that they have the power to create, to be in joy, to feel empowered, to feel love, to create and imprint on their reality. They are omnipresent and powerful intuitive and intelligent soulful beings. As is she. Together they all created the next level of peace on Earth, integration, healing, sharing, and a high frequency of love. Awakening.

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