The Women Who Made a Difference

I’m hundred years old today, but I’m still writing my diary since 1990. I wrote numerous books and poems which keep inspiring people all over the world.

It was always my dream to write and to be heard with my thoughts, but I did not always have the courage. I gained it when I started showing my work to people and when I started publishing.

My writing has given me strength, presence in people hearts and the Noble prize.

I’m still active and thanks to God my mind is sharp. My life is quite simple – I meet my friends and family few times a week, organize gatherings and go for walks.

Apart from writing I have been a long life learner – I have tried different paths, learned how to drive, how to swim, I have learned a couple of languages and I have been growing as a person every single day. I have done things which seem to be impossible.

I traveled the world but I remained the same person as I have always – kind, compassionate, thoughtful and my own best friend. My life has been an incredible journey and I regret nothing.

I always had an ability to make right decisions in the difficult situations and times and protect myself from making huge mistakes or taking no lead shortcuts. I always felt that my Guarding Angel is one of the best up there.

I have been lucky all my life – with my husband and my son Oliver who is now 70 years old and my grandchildren, their families and cute little great grand children. I made a peace with all my relatives, but without compromising or hurting myself. This took some time but it was worth it and it paid off well for all of us.

I was blessed with people who I have met during my life and my friends. They have been inspiring me and took the best out of me while I could offer them the exact same thing. It was that simple.

I made lots of money during my life and I used them for good causes and to help others.

My educational programs for children, students and adults from difficult backgrounds have helped almost million people to achieve their best, discover their full potential and live better lives.

My work program returned many homeless people to society and gave them hope and respect they deserve.

My international equality program helped the societies to realize that we are more similar than different and we all worth the same as human beings no matter how we look, who we love, or were we came from.

My program followed by workshops and equality subjects at schools was implemented in majority countries in the world and helped to drop the number of wars and dictatorships drastically.

I had courage to be myself and true to myself which paid of more than I have imagined. I lived the life I always wanted to live. I’m happy to say that I made a difference for myself and for others.

And, I haven’t finished yet.

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