The World As We Know It

She lives a life of adventure and ease.

She’s appreciating all that has come to pass. Each moment has always been better and better than the one before. She has a happy marriage that consists of growth and mutual respect. Her marriage, her family, and her friend relationships make her a more complete human being. The love she feels for those closest to her fulfill her on this earthly planet.

She is constantly developing a deeper spiritual connection that results in fearless living. She learns how to mold her reality to match every detail she desires that furthers both her human experience and spiritual existence. She is always learning how to be more decisive and listen to the intuition that is connected to the Universe.

She has more money than she knows what to do with. She is able to travel all of the planet to meet and share ideas with countless cultures. She is blessed not only to have whatever material processions she desires but also she is able to give freely to help those around her. Her abundance overflows to create wealth among those she knows and those she has never met.

Her ideas create change. She is a living example of what a good person looks like. She sees all around her as her equals and the God force we innately are. Her interactions with people double as a learning tool for her expansion and a safe place for others to explore their expansion.

By living her truth she invites others to be authentically themselves which results in a more compassionate world.

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